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To: Jack, Assistant

35 seconds ago

Subject: Re: Can we meet?

Hey Jack, would love to meet.

I've CC'd my assistant who can help us find a time.

To: Me, Jack

Just Now

From: Assistant (

Hi Jack, happy to help get something on the calendar for you and my boss.
What times work for a meeting? How's tomorrow at 2pm EST?

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Coordinate Events

Parity can coordinate your meetings. Just say "can you find us a time for this?" and Parity will coordinate with everyone else on the thread.


You can get a briefing of all your calendar events just by asking "how's my schedule today?"

Forward Events

Got an email about an event? Just forward the email to Parity and it'll be in the calendar, with all relevant event details.

Reschedule Events

If you need to clear your schedule for a day, just say "can you reschedule all my events tomorrow?" and Parity will handle it.


We're compatible with your Google and Outlook calendars, and meeting platforms, like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

We hear for you

We're a pretty small company, so if you have a feature request, just email us!

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